iOS App Development

Developing great iPhone apps has evolved from a passion to a borderline obsession here at 3kits. We’re always looking to take advantage of opportunities to better understand what goes into creating iPhone apps that get downloads in order to leave the users happy.

Building and launching an app is not enough. You have to start with a deep understanding of your audience and develop a roadmap that ensures your technology will scale with your user base. Our agency is a team of designers, strategists and developers who are committed to creating mobile apps for iOS that are enjoyable to use. Since its inception we’ve been combining pixels and code to create stunning apps that delight our clients and their customers.


We believe that creating a great iPhone app isn’t just about pretty pixels and animations. It’s about your business goals, your users’ goals and creating an experience that your users will want in their everyday lives.

Android App Development

The Google Play store has around 3 million apps currently. We’re committed to designing Android apps that stand out from the masses and meet the needs of our clients. Our apps are not only worth downloading but are worth using for months to come.

When it comes to building a great Android app, we believe that it all begins with insights and research. We start our Android app development process with a route map that allows us to create apps that are more than just pretty pixels and animations. The process helps our developers and designers ensure that every app is built to achieve measurable results and become part of users’ lives by better understanding your users, your business and your vision. You bring insights and data about your industry, and we'll bring the mobile experience needed to create something great.

Cross Platform Apps

3kits is an agency that provides high end enhanced cross apps which help clients to diversify their business across various industry verticals. With the ever increasing demand for apps, cross app development has been predicted to rise significantly across the globe.There are times when it makes more sense to take the hybrid approach. Mature JavaScript Frameworks such as React Native have proven that we can build high quality mobile apps without sacrificing user experience.

Our cross platform developers have experience with technologies and frameworks like Xamarin, React Native, PhoneGap, Appcelerator’s Titanium and Xamarin. Being able to write the majority of code for both operating systems with one code base is considered the holy grail of mobile. It’s not the solution for every case but there are many situations where developing on a native platform is preferable. Let us know about your mission, post which we can determine if a hybrid approach would be more successful for you.

Hybrid App Development

At 3kits we provide you with a complete and end-to-end type of hybrid app development solutions. We club our hybrid app development with innovative web technology and exceptional mobile experience to provide you with the fastest possible market delivery. We have enough expertise in almost every leading technology, such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and others to come with innovative and 100% customized hybrid applications and deliver unique user experience.


For this, we take steps to combine the latest frameworks available for different mobile devices, such as Sencha and PhoneGap with the power of HTML5 development. We always strive hard to design native looking applications for every big platform, such as iOS, Windows and Android phones.

Our development team always employs native app features as well as abilities, while serving to put developers and companies to adopt HTML5-based mobile apps development. Until now, we succeeded to deliver high-performing, robust, feature-packed, secured, scalable and easy-handling hybrid app development services to fulfill varying requirements of major IT companies and other business organizations.